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Bail bonds in Pueblo , CO can be confusing and stressful. If you need help navigating the situation, Pueblo County Bail Bonds wants to answer your questions!

A bail bond is a price the defendant (or their loved ones or a bail bondsman) pays in exchange for the defendant’s freedom until their court date. By paying bail, the defendant is agreeing to make their necessary court appearances. If they do not, they can get into serious legal trouble.

Typically, bail bonds companies will charge you 10% of your bail amount as a fee. There are legal parameters for how much the bail bonds company can charge.

In addition to bail money, collateral can be offered in place of or in addition to the effort to release a defendant from jail.

Different bail bondsmen will offer different bail bond options. Some of the most common include:

  • Cash—The full bail amount paid in cash
  • Property—The defendant’s property like real estate or jewelry in exchange for bail
  • Personal recognizance—The defendant’s word they will appear in court when they are supposed to
  • Surety—The defendant’s bail paid for by a bail bondsman

PR bonds with co-signer—The defendant splitting the bail payment with a co-signer 

Defendants are usually allowed a collect call, and typically that is the only way you or us can speak to a defendant. Most Jails have visiting hours.

Though restrictions cary, during booking a defendant can typically make multiples calls. We also accept collect calls and are always happy to set up a three way call and help expedite the process.

Filling out the necessary paperwork is usually brief, but the amount of time the whole process takes varies depending on location. In Pueblo , a defendant’s average release time after posting bail is 1-2 hours.

Only in certain cases if the charges are dismissed within 14 days. Otherwise the premium is non-refundable once the bond has been posted.

Not typically. If a Bond was posted, it means the Bondsman fulfilled his/her obligation. In rare cases before a defendant is released, it’s possible that another agency placed a hold on the defendant.

  • Do not miss your court date.
  • Within 3 business days of being released, stop by our office to complete the rest of the paperwork.
  • Notify us of any: change of address, phone or employment.
  • Verify all payments are upto date.
  • After Bond is released/discharged/ exonerated, make sure that ASAP BAIL Bonds is notified.
  • Appear to court on time, every time.
  • Notify us of any: change of address, phone or employment.
  • Verify all payments are upto date.
  • After Bond is released/discharged/ exonerated, make sure that ASAP BAIL Bonds is notified.

Not typically. Your signature, proof of income, home ownership, good work, established credit and community residence are typically factors we take into account.

When the defendants case (s) are complete and the court issues a bond release. Furthermore, your Bondsman premium must be paid within 10 business days after getting your discharge forms. Please be aware that it is yours or your co signers responsibility to get your release forms form the court and bring it to our location.  

First and foremost the bond is fortified and the judge may issue a bench warrant. The best course of action is to contact us or notify us immediately as there is a possibility that your appearance can be delayed for a couple hours. It is always better to late rather than not show up at all. In some cases “Consent of Surety” can issued with asks a judge to reinstate a bond.

Contact us immediately. In some cases we can file a “Consent of Surety” requesting for a new court date.

Only if granted permission by the State of Colorado and your Bondsman.

Absolutely. You are required to notify the court and the bail again (in writing.)